Flexible exam preparation software

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QuizzerWiz is an exam preparation software that can be configured to help students to pass any exam. Questions can be easily imported from various formats and once the student has installed the App the exams can be updated remotely. QuizzerWiz is available on all major platforms like MAC OS,Windows, IOS and Android.

QuizzerWiz highlights


  • Flexible sources: Import from csv, xml or Aiken
  • Question formats: Multiple choice, multiple answers, true/false
  • Media: Sound and images in questions and answers

Training modes

Currently 3 training modes are available:

  1. Custom: The student can choose the topic and apply filters (like to train only new or incorrect questions)
  2. Weakest: The software monitors the answers and calculates a difficulty for each question according to the students responses (like time, number of failures etc.) to identify the weakest questions. The student can train these questions separately.
  3. Final: This training is meant to be used the day before the exam. It continues until the student has answered everything correctly.

Exam types

QuizzerWiz is able to provide 4 exam types

  1. Standard: This is the simulation of the real exam
  2. Tough: The software collect only difficult, weak and wrong answered questions to make the exam as difficult as possible
  3. Time challenge: To simulate stress QuizzerWiz reduces the available time to the average response time per question times number of questions so the student has “just” enough time. Helps to prepare for time pressure.
  4. Custom: Everything can be adjusted manually


  • Detailed percentage of correct/wrong for each training category
  • History of your exams
  • Performance indicators and recommendations

Keep track of you questions

  • Favorites: Create a list of questions to remember
  • Difficulty level: Change the predefined difficulty per question
  • Exam review: Get a detailed list of your mistakes after every exam


  • 16 Badges, stay motivated while learning by trying to get all the badges
  • Personal highscores: Try to beat yourself every time
  • Global highscores: Be the best compared to others to boost your motivation

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