Teachers, Students, and Quizmasters! This is the App you need to create quizzes, exam preparations or training material with ease. Whether you carefully craft every question and answer or import questions from Excel lists – it has never been easier to create challenging and fun multiple-choice tests.

Create multiple-choice tests

Pick a name, a quiz type, and a language.

You can choose between trivia quizzes or exam preparations. Practice tests for exams allow you to specify additional setting like exam duration, number of questions and of course the passing rate

Create a question

Choose between Single Choice, Multiple Choice, or True/False questions. Enter the question text, up to 6 answers, and mark the correct one. Assign a difficulty if you like.

Assign explanations

Good multiple-choice tests show the user an explanation. Add a helpful text for each question to create the perfect learning experience.

Study with your own exams

Create your own practice tests and challenge yourself. The App helps you to keep track of your progress and shows you detailed results after each exam simulation. The best study material is always the one you created yourself. Once you are done the App allows you to share it with others or use practice tests others have created

Versatile importer

Simple lists

You can turn simple comma-separated lists into complete practice tests. Just paste the list into a field, pick which column ins the question and which one the answer, and hit enter. The App creates the quiz and random wrong answers for you.

Complex question structures (CSV)

You can import complex CSV files which you can easily create in Excel or Open Office. Customize and handcraft the ultimate learning experience for yourself or your students.

Powerful exporter

Text (Aiken)


Pick the right nickname for Eddard Stark
A.  Ned
B.  the Kingslayer
C.  the Imp or Halfman
D.  the Spider


Export to comma seperated values and edit your quizzes in Excel or Open office.

Type,Question,Note,Category,Difficulty,Randomize,View,Answers,Score,Correct,Case Insensitive,Correlation,Image,Sound,Video,Tags
SingleQuestion,”Pick the right nickname for Eddard Stark”,””,”Game of thrones”,”Easy”,”1″,”Radio”,,”1″,,,,””,””,””,””
,,,,,,,” Ned”,”0″,”1″,,,””,””,””,,
,,,,,,,” the Kingslayer”,”0″,”0″,,,””,””,””,,
,,,,,,,” the Imp or Halfman”,”0″,”0″,,,””,””,””,,
,,,,,,,” the Spider”,”0″,”0″,,,””,””,””,,

HTML (+ optional Javascript)

Create HTML quizzes with optional Javascript to hide the correct answer.


When Theon Greyjoy first meets his sister he tries to

Aescape from her
Bhide from her
Cseduce her
Dkill her


Export your creations to the Udemy Quiz format and sell them as courses on Udemy.

Several demo quizzes included

To get you started a list of several quizzes are included for you to try, change, edit, share:

  • “How well do you know me?” partner test, (in English or German)
  • Star Wars Masterquiz (in English or German)
  • Game of Throne (English)
  • The top 100 English words (English to German)
  • American Presidents
  • Oscar Winners
  • Who said it? (Famous quotes)

Limitations of the free version

The free version is fully functional, on mobile devices, it features ads and an import/export/question limit of 20 per quiz.