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472 professionally crafted questions and thousands of successfully passed exams will enable you to get your certificate fast.


Reduced your study time

The advanced training features help you to practice only your weak areas and reduce the time you need to learn everything due to detailed explanations.


Find your weaknesses

Reports and analytics help you to find your weak areas and help you practice the smart way for 100% success

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I cannot thank you enough! I was struggling to memorize everything I needed to when I found this app. By the time I completed all 440 questions and revision I was confident to book the exams. I used the glossary for my last minute revision and yesterday I passed both exams. 85% on the foundation and 95% on the certification! Thank you again! I highly recommend this app as a study tool.

Pam Meyerowitz

Great app with different modes and a variety of questions. I passed my Togaf certification with practicing with this app.

Sammy Zacharias

This app really accelerated my preparation for the TOGAF Foundation and Certification course. I was ready for the foundation exam in a week. The app is simple and easy to use and is separated into two parts training and exam.

Ipsilon S.

Don’t just take my word for it – highest ratings on GooglePlay and the AppStore

Customizable and smart training

Custom training

Pick a category, apply a filter and customize the training according to your needs and time.

Training of the Weakest

The App prepares a special training with 100 questions that you answered wrong (multiple times) or correct and then wrong (forgotten).

Final training

This training will be available once you have answered everything at least once and finishes when ALL questions have been answered correctly.

Realistic exam simulations

Questions you need to answer


is all you need to pass

Time in minutes you have

Standard exam

The standard exam simulation follows the official Syllabus as closely as possible.It presents you with random questions from all exam relevant categories.

Tough exam

The App keeps track of all the questions you answer wrong or which take you a lot of time to think. Do a tough exam and see if you can succeed under the worst conditions.

Custom exam

Adjust everything and customize your exam experience whether you need a “quick exam in between” or a marathon challenge.

Time challenge

You only get a certain amount of time per question. This practices your ability to answer correctly under pressure.

Monitor your progress

Exam progress

Detailed pie charts for every training category and a summary of wrong, correctly and unanswered questions to visualize your current exam progress.

Success history

Monitor your exam history and see your improvements over time.

Performance indicators

Control your performance like your average response time and your exam readiness factor.

Stay motivated

Personal highscores

Try to beat yourself every time. Challenge yourself by trying to be better, faster or both.

Global competition

Compete with others to boost your confidence. Be the best by passing the standard exam with the highest score within the shortest time.


Collect all the 16 Badges by completing different type of tasks that support your study efforts.

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