Follow these simple steps and make every day highly productive

Here are eight great things i do every day to be highly productive without getting “burned out”. Since i follow these simple rules i get more done in one day than others in one week. This is not because i am working harde but smarter. Try these steps and see for yourself. This article contains some affiliate links. I read all these books and this is my honest opinion, some of them are like a bible to me

1.Have a plan

This is by far the most important thing ! You can be as motivated as you want, if you don’t know what you are going to do you will end up doing “stuff”. Do not let others or events dictate how your time is being spent. The moment you are ready to start your work you must be able to pick the most important item from a list and start doing it.

2.Do a seven minutes workout

I do this every morning to “push” the sleep out and feel 100% awake. There are many apps that help you to do a 7 minutes workout to get you started for the day. These well balanced seven minutes work outs are supposed to be equal to a full hour training. I don’t know if this is true or not but it doesn’t really matter. The purpose of the morning exercise is to get you ready for the day and to kickstart your metabolism so your breakfast is easier to digest.

3.Eat a healthy breakfast

Never skip breakfast, eat a nutricious healthy breakfast that gives you energy for the tasks in front of you ! My recommendation i took from the amazing The 4 Hour Body is you get a high protein breakfast (like eggs) and avoid the white oisons : Sugar, Salt and flour. I am doing this for nearly two years now and i need to say i never felt better (and lost quite some weight in the process). If you want to get your weight under control and you haven’t read the The 4 Hour Body and do it ! It was a true lifesaver for me EVERYONE i told about it had the same experience ! I recommend you go with the full book and not one of these summaries because Timothy Ferris describes all his self experiments in great detail which i found highly motivating – i lost more than 20 kg with this book and changed the way i eat without starving. The advantage of this low carb method is that you still can eat a lot of superdelicious things and their are thousands of recipies to support his methods.

4.Do the most unpleasant things first

Eat that frog ! Start with the most unpleasant thing first ! If i get the “ugly frog” out of the way first thing in the morning the day is already a success no matter what happens. This feeling of success right at the beginning of the day is a motivation boost for all the taskd ahead. This advice is from the legendary book Eat That Frog! from Brian Tracy. Though i read the book i still listen to the audio (which i recommend, you can get it here) as a refresher when i am loosing focus on what i should do, everybody get’s distracted once in a while (i love a good role playing game). I can honestly say that Brian Tracy and his “defeat procrastination” programs changed my life !

5.Work during your work

Do not get distracted by things that are not on your list or do not profuce any value for the things you need to accomplish. Be aware of those time thieves that try to slow you down. Just a few tipps: Learn to say “No” to people who want to steal your time, nobody forces you to go out for lunch for an hour or help anyone at anytime and drop whatever you are doing. Definately help others but do it as part of your plan and not every time someone throws a request at you.

Switch of distracters, social networks, your phone, emails if possible. You can check all you communications during you breaks which leads us to the next advice:

6.Take breaks, take a walk

Researches have shown that 30-45 minutes is the most you should would without a break to be most productive. I personally use the pomodoro method which forces me to take regular breaks and helps me to keep track of my tasks. If you don’t know the pomodoro technique read this . Basically your day is cut into small chunks of time during which you have to work on your most important tasks (your pomodoros (italian for tomatoes)). You also have to take mandatory breaks, all is controlled by a timer (this is where the name comes from… a tomato shaped kitchen timer). Try it out, it will boost your productivity.

7.Follow the sleep better rules and go to bed early

Make sure that you have a high quality (not quantity) sleep ! If you feel tired in the morning and have problems to get out of bed read my article about “Improve your sleep”.

8.Make a new plan

Make a new plan every evening. There are tons of tools and apps to track your progress… the best tool i have and use exclusively is a simple notepad and a pen. Every evening before i go to bed i write down the tasks i need to do the next day and i identify the frog ! Not only do i have my new plan ready i also get the things that bother me out of my head because they are stored safely on that piece of paper. That guarantees a good night sleep without thinking about all the problems that need to be fixed.

If you follow these simple rules above you will supercharge your day.

What is your morning routine ? How do the tips above work for you ?

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