Prepare for your EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation (CLOUDF) exam with 150 test questions and detailed explanations. Even if you don’t take the exam this knowledge is extremely valuable for anybody spending time on the internet or preparing for an IT job interview. Just try it out and see if your knowledge about Cloud Computing is up to date.

The following topics are covered

* Principles and concepts
* Implementation and managing
* Using the cloud
* Security and compliance
* Evaluation of the cloud

After studying with this App and reading all the detailed explanations you will have knowledge about Cloud Computing concept like:

– Deployment Models
– Cloud Security
– Scalability,Elasticity
– Cloud architecture
– Advantages and threats
– Virtual machines
… and many more

All questions and explanations have been crafted by an IT expert with 20+ years of experience.

There are 3 major training modes available

1. Custom training: Pick the topic, filter by wrong,correct,forgotten or difficulty
2. Weakest: The software monitors your progress and identifies your weak questions so you can focus on what is difficult for you
3. Final training: This training goes on until every single question has been answered correctly

The Cloud Computing Exam Trainer contains 4 different exam simulation modes

1.Standard exam: 40 random questions in 60 minutes, passing rate 65%
2.Tough exam: The app monitors your progress and picks only difficult and incorrect questions
3.Time challenge: The time will be adjusted automatically according to your average response time to prepare you for time pressure in the real test
4.Custom exam:Adjust all the settings and create your own exam mode

Keep track of your questions

– Favorites: Create a list of questions to remember
– Difficulty level: Change the predefined difficulty per question
– Exam review: Get a detailed list of your mistakes after every exam

3 Reports to monitor your progress

– Detailed percentage of correct/wrong for each training category
– History of your exams
– Performance indicators and recommendations

Stay motivated

– Personal highscores: Try to beat yourself every time
– Global highscores: Be the best compared to others to boost your motivation
– 16 Badges, stay motivated while learning by trying to get all the badges
– Friendly support: Get support (depending on your timezone) within 24h

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